Asylum Hearing, First Round

Asylum für Nazima

Asylum Hearing, First Round

The first round went well, but the fight is not over yet.

After eight months (!) in various asylum quarters, the first hearing on the reasons for Nazima’s asylum application finally took place on May 12th. And you have to say it went pretty well – but it’s not finally decided yet.

A stay for three years was promised by the decision-maker, it couldn’t be better – but the question of a transfer to Italy is not yet off the table (since she entered the EU via Italy). There was an application for deportation to Italy with reference to the Dublin Agreement, but thank God it has almost expired.
Nevertheless, the deportation to Italy will be checked again by a separate commission, after which the decision-maker’s proposal will be examined. Lawyer Elke Gabsa, who represents Nazima, estimates that it can take another month or two.

“Like Kafka’s trial,” one feels like sighing, but let’s hold on to the good news: the first round went to us.

Tim Bartzik will go climbing with Nazima for a few days next week, I (Malte) will probably join them.